Between WooCommerce Wordpress and Shopify: Do you have trouble choosing? Discover here what will suit you best.

Comparison in 5 points:

  1. Presentation of both platforms.
  2. Your budget - The cost of setting up and the cost of maintaining your site.
  3. Integration - Options for customization and possible addition.
  4. Performances -  How technology can make your brand stand out.
  5. Conclusion and observations.

1- Presentation of both platforms

Shopify: what is it? (shopify gif editing - sour: giphy) An online sales tool and a website creation tool. Shopify is an all-in-one option that allows you to display your services in a organized way on the world wide web. It also let you sell services and products. This web platform is very popular with those who have no, or very little, programming knowledge. Shopify offers many template options that are always up to date.   WooCommerce and WordPress: what is it? Wordpress (WP) is the most used platform by website creators and programmers. This creative platform may seem complex for neophytes, but the limitless possibilities for page customization, web additions, and editing make it a favorite among professionals. To perform online sale via WP, you will need WooCommerce (WC). WC is the favorite plugin (web tool) of WP users. The phenomenal amount of options offered by this duo makes it a guarantee for success.  

2 - Budget

Shopify: Several people join Shopify because it offers a "turnkey" option that does not require web programming knowledge. For $ 29 a month, you can add an unlimited number of products to your new website. However, the price you have to pay will depend on your digital traffic. In the end, you could pay up to $ 299 + per month if your web traffic goes higher. Also, the platform retains 2.9% of every transaction, in addition to a 30 cents payment charge per invoice.   WordPress + WooCommerce: WordPress is an open source platform for website development, therefore, it’s freely available. To make online sales, WooCommerce is the most popular plugin because it requires a minimum membership of $6.95 per month when you already own your domain name. No additional fees will apply, even if your online sales rate increases, making it the # 1 choice for businesses worldwide.  

3 - Integration

Shopify:   Shopify is aimed at a neophyte audience: this sums up well the design of the platform. Its use is intuitive and refined. In just a few clicks, you can have a functional online sales website. Unfortunately, its user-friendliness offer simplified and limited options for creation.   WordPress + WooCommerce:   WooCommerce is not automatically installed in the WordPress platform, you will have to install it yourself (or have it installed). You will be responsible to keep your website updated and to do the necessary backups. Fortunately, additional tools (paid and free) can take care of it for you. What you need to remember here is: WooCommerce IS the most flexible tool on the digital market. It allows you to do everything, you just need the appropriate knowledge or to surround yourself with specialists.  

4 - The performance

Shopify: Your Shopify subscription guarantees you a good level of security and an automated management of your online traffic. You will have no other worries besides opening your wallet to pay your subscription payment, according to the traffic and sales you generate on your website.   WooCommerce: This platform offers the possibility to be totally independent of the management of your website and of its functionalities. You want to host your website with a new, less expensive website host? You can do it without problem here yourself for free. Do you generate more and more traffic to your site and need to host your site with a better host manager? Just shop what suits you best (depending on your budget and market reality). With WC: you are spoiled of options.  

5 - Conclusion and observations

WooCommerce + WordPress: If you are planning to make sales with your website and want to be able to make adjustments to your online sales platform : WooCommerce + WordPress is the preferred choice of professionals. With some basic knowledge, or by surrounding yourself with qualified people, you will be able to keep total control over your digital presence, brand image, sales methods and on your budget.   Shopify: If you want to start your business quickly with a website, you do not really have a team around you and your schedule is limited: Shopify is for you. You will be able to have a beautiful, clean and functional Web site that will guarantee you constant security and good traffic management, as long as you have the money to maintain your subscription. Still can't decide how we can help? Tell us here how we can help you today! We will be please to help you out.