Differences, appreciations and what to choose between the two 

The comparisons between these two types of code languages has been ongoing for several years. PHP or .NET? That is the question. Comparison in 5 steps:
  1. Simple descriptions.
  2. The uses of each.
  3. Tools, support and possible modifications.
  4. Diagnosis and conclusions : what should you choose?

1- Descriptions

What is PHP? A computer language, mostly used by digital developers. Many only swears by the capacities of the latter. PHP is also the most taught. It’s core design promotes a gradual learning curve that continually leads programmers toward their prefered development niche. What is .NET? Contrary to what many people think, .NET is not a form of computer language. It is rather a framework for web programming. So we can just not argue which language would be better than the other, because, but we can argue what is the best way to make digital development.  

2 - Uses

PHP: PHP structure code example (PHP structure code example) WordPress is probably the best example of using PHP use as it has been employed to create hundreds of millions of sites across the world wide web : small sites as bis as Facebook. Also, the language design is open source and totally free. .NET: .NET is associated with ASP.Net, which is a platform developed by Microsoft. This web script structure is a support for developers of web pages and applications connected to the Internet. The advantage of the latter is that you can use any code already uploaded to the .NET structure. However, you must have an official Windows license in order to use it.  

3 - Tools, support and possible modifications

What qualifies as a good performance is efficiency : Interaction between database, the script of your website and the response of your server. PHP: When you talk about web app, PHP comes in with a structure called LAMP, which represent: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. This web language app layout assures you of optimal performances for most OS. As PHP is open source and available to all, the available support for website development is helpful and hyper accessible, considering that millions of users and professionals use it every day. As we wrote previously, this programming structure is available  freely, which leaves you an infinite margin of options when you want to perform tasks with it. .NET: .NET is a framework derived from a larger web structure created by Microsoft, where you will need to choose an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). IDEs are tools that make programmers’ work easier because they incorporate libraries of source codes and tools where developers can tap into. Although this structure can save you time, it can also make you dependent to it. Not to mention the risks that may arise from the uses of bad elements (bad codes) took from some IDE libraries. In addition, if the time saving aspect interest you best, remember that it is also possible to use these codes in a PHP development framework.   In terms of the  available support from the .NET community, the situation is sometimes complex because some problems may arise from bad codes sharing in the IDEs, which sometimes a bad thing because you don’t really can get around your limited IDE library if your are not a expert web developer yourself.   As for the possible customization, creativity will remain your best ally here. As long as you are able to imagine the best possible combinations between different accessible codes from your IDE, you do can innovate.  

4 - Diagnosis and conclusions

PHP: This language, although complex for neophytes, is easy to learn and accessible to all. This structure will allow you to create (literally) everything you want to do on the digital world. PHP is free of rights and open source to anyone who wants to use it. Yes, if you are alone, you could put a few hours in order to get the expected results. Otherwise, depending on your budget, you can assign someone of experience on your project.   .NET: This structure is an ideal choice for those who do not necessarily have the time to build a 100% accurate and personalized web identity. You will be able to create something close to your brand anyway, and maybe, you can save yourself some time too if you are the only one who can build your site.