Build a Facebook Page locations structure to post from a single main page structure. An easy 5 steps guide :

Against all odds (rain, thunder and Facebook management settings) here is our easy Facebook locations Pages fusion guide. This type of Facebook structure will helps you save time and money without crossing out the option to post content on single pages if needed. PLEASE READ THIS : Please, do not overlook these steps. To create a Facebook locations system, you need to already have a Facebook Business account for your business.  

1- Create a new page

If your business have multiple branches, chances are that you have created a Facebook page for each one of them. In this case, you will need a new “main page / parent page” on which you could publish automatically redirected content to every other pages (children pages). Two options are available to you :
  • Create your main page from an existing page to immediately hae page likes on your main page.
  • Create a new Facebook page on behalf of the company name and start from scratch.
Regardless of the choice you make, you will need to visit the following web link to ask Facebook the right to access a "location structure”:
Follow this link here :
In the search field of this web link, select the Facebook page you want as the main / parent page of your structure. Consider a few minutes or hours before having an automated answers from Facebook. To check the status of your request, check the previous web URL again. If everything works, you should now see this notification : Acces business locations Verified  

2- Let there be a location tab.

Now : navigate to your new Facebook parent page news feed and click the  "Settings" tab. A new "Locations"  tab is now added in the bottom corner of your left menu bar.  

3 - Play Ping Pong with a friend

Here is where the game starts. To have several location pages : Facebook will warn you that every new location page must have the exact same as your parent page. But, in a contradictory way, Facebook DOESN’T allow admins to manage more than one page that goes under the same name. A bug in the matrix? This is where the fun begins, and fortunately, here is what we learned for you :
  • Make sure you have and administrator access to all of your child and parent pages.
  • Contact a second administrator or great friend to support you in the following steps.
  • Give your friend an admin access to every pages of your soon-to-be new Facebook structure.
  • Once the "Locations" tab has been created for your homepage, completely remove yourself from the main page as administrator.
  • Visit the "about" tab of the next page location you want to assign as a "child" and give this page the same name as the parent page (the one you are no longer an administrator of).
  • Just after, ask your friend or second administrator to remove you from this first "child" page location: This is where the Ping-Pong game begins.
  • Change the name of your second child page in the "about" section and give it the same name (again) as the main parent page (of which you still are no longer an administrator of).
  • Remove yourself from this page again as administrator as well.
  • Repeat this process as many time you need.
  • Once every pages names are changed to the same, and at this point, you should also be an admin to only one of them :
  • (Finally!) Ask your friend to give you back an admin access to every one of your branches pages (here the reason why you should do these steps with a trusted friend or coworker).
* If you make a mistake in these steps: Do not worry! Nothing is lost. In case of a misstep : Facebook will ask you to wait 14 days to get back the right to change the name of one of the pages again (for security reasons). In any case, you can still achieve your goals, but not as fast as you wished.  

4 - Assign childs to your parent

Once that all of your pages have the exact same name: go back to the main structure page "Locations" tab : you should now see this menu: [caption id="attachment_25681" align="aligncenter" width="787"] Facebook Business Locations menu[/caption] The final steps:
  • Make sure you have selected the right Facebook Business account (top left button and top right menu),  then click "Add Locations".
  • Click on "Migrate an existing page" as in the following example : Facebook Migrate an existing page
  • Repeat the process for all "child" pages until you are done.
You can now edit the information of your pages easily and in batches from one place!  

6- Back to the future

Congratulations! Your new structure is in place! But : before you go fill your favorite coffee mug,  we suggest to make some tweaks to your main parent page settings. This extra step allows you to publish on all your child pages from the parent page, but without losing the ability to publish directly on one of your child page if needed. Here's how to do it :
  • Go to the "Locations"  under the settings of your main page.
  • Click on "Settings".
  • Navigate to the "local content" section and select "always show".
  • Navigate to the "Places tab" section and select "Always".
Facebook Location Page settings Here it is! You are now a certified champion of Facebook page merge:
  • Now, shake hands. You really deserve it!